Six reasons the 49ers lost to the Saints

Harbaugh: Our guys 'played their guts out'

Six reasons the 49ers lost to the Saints
November 17, 2013, 8:15 pm
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Jim Harbaugh challenged two plays in the first half and lost both, leaving San Francisco without the ability to challenge any calls in the second half. (AP)

OK, let’s cover the 49ers quickly.

- If you cannot gain 200 yards in a National Football League game, you lose.
- If you are outgained 2-1, you lose.
- If neither your running game nor passing games average four yards per play, you lose.
- If you gain 23 yards in the fourth quarter of a close game, you lose.
- If your coach couldn’t nail a challenge if the penalty were personal foul for beheading and the perpetrator was holding the head under his arm while dancing, you lose.
- If your linebacker hits the other team’s quarterback anywhere near the head, whether it actually hit him there or not, whether he meant to do it or not, in the NFL of 2013, your team gets a penalty.

[MAIOCCO: Contoversial penalty erases defining moment for 49ers' defense]

In other words, this is how it goes, and the 49ers have to play the ball as it lies. Unless they want to challenge the spot, in which case the ball will roll out of bounds at the San Francisco 7.


As for the Raiders, they may not have found a quarterback (hold your horses on Matt McGloin, please), but they surely helped bury one (Matt Schaub).

[BAIR: McGloin creates QB controversey in Raiders win]


CSNOurNation’sCapitalMoreOrLess’ Rob Carlin tells us that Washington linebacker Trent Williams was called “fat-ass garbage” and a “disrespectful Oedipal” (author’s license) by umpire Roy Ellison during the first quarter of Sunday’s loss to Philadelphia, and that some of his teammates were mic’d up and could verify his claim.

We’ll wait for said verification (and hey, maybe the weather made him think the end of the world was nigh), but in the meantime we’ll see when Ellison is next assigned to a Jim Harbaugh game.


Speaking of quality officiating, the big FA Challenge Trophy match between Colwyn Bay and Altrincham ended early when the referee pulled up with a calf injury. No big deal, though, as a replacement referee with acceptable qualifications was found in the stands . . . right up to the point where one of the players noticed he smelled of liquor.

Disrespectful garbage.


Now that the Toronto Argonauts have been eliminated from the CFL playoffs, Toronto mayor Rob Ford is free to join 49er owner Jed York and Washington’s Danny Snyder for next Monday’s game in La Capitale, and his allegiance can be easily rented for the right inducement.

I leave the rest of it to your revolting imaginations.


Yay Belmont!


Christian Ponder, we hardly knew ye . . . for what is it now, the fourth time?


I wonder what Lane Kiffin would have done had he still been coaching USC Saturday night when the Trojans faced down Stanford. Yes, yes, I know it wouldn’t have happened, but I still think with his exquisite sense of timing, Kiffin would have told David Shaw, “What’s your deal?”


And finally, the 49ers’ biggest game of the year has been officially changed to Week 17 in Arizona. Kind of a bringdown, eh, kids?