What a cut up: Willis' cuddle controversy explained

Willis on facing Walker: 'It's going to be fun'

What a cut up: Willis' cuddle controversy explained
October 17, 2013, 2:00 pm
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Patrick Willis had to clarify that he meant "cut up with" not "cuddle with" when describing what he used to do with ex-teammate Delanie Walker on the 49ers' chartered flights. (AP)

SANTA CLARA – While they were 49ers teammates, Patrick Willis and Delanie Walker sat in the same row on the 49ers’ chartered flights.

On a conference call Wednesday with reporters who cover Walker and his new team, the Tennessee Titans, Willis talked about missing Walker this season on those long trips.

“Now when I fly, I don’t have him by my side to laugh with and cut up with,” Willis said.

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However, when the Titans public-relations staff sent out a transcript of Willis’ interview, the phrase “cut up with” was heard as “cuddle with.” Of course, Willis wanted to set the record straight.

“I heard that word,” Willis said Thursday. “Cuddle? What?”

“That’s one more reason why you have athletes who say I don’t want to talk to the media," Willis said. "It’s stuff like that."

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None of the mainstream media outlets that cover the Titans used the inaccurate quote. The only place the “cuddle” version of the quote can be found online is at the official Titans website (www.titansonline.com).

“Whether they misheard or not, that should be one of those things you just don’t put in there unless you know for sure,” Willis said. “If there’s any doubt whether you might not have heard it or you thought you heard it. . . come on, man. They needed something to tickle their feathers, so they used that.”

Willis added, “Anybody who knows me know that I mumble sometimes when I talk or what not.”

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