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April 10, 2013, 7:45 pm
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Taylor Lambert

This past week here at Cal-Hi Sports Bay Area we ran a story on Keegan Sheehan of the Amador Valley baseball team. Keegan is listed as a utility player for the Dons but he has yet to play in a game this year, all for good reason though. Sheehan, a junior, suffered a stroke at birth and has been diagnosed with Left Hemiparesis which leaves the left side of his body extremely weak and barely functional, leaving his right side to pick up the extra work. Keegan's eyesight is also only about 50 percent functional as well, but these disabilities don't keep Keegan from contributing to the team.

The first time I saw Keegan it was at an Amador Valley football game. I noticed him on the sidelines pumping up the players and cheering his tail off. I attended a Amador baseball game 2 weeks ago I noticed Keegan again, this time in the dugout doing the same as he had on the sidelines, cheering his tail off. Coach Lou Cesario told me that Sheehan had been an inspirational part of the squad this year through his commitment to the team, knowledge of baseball and different outlooks he has on situations. The Dons' players are a huge reason why Keegan feels so at home on the Amador baseball diamond as well. Every player has accepted Keegs as an equal, and as a friend.

The best part of the story though is Keegan Sheehan's pregame speeches. Or chants, if you will. Before every game, the Dons gather in the right field grass and wait for Keegan to run out to them, starting a slow clap along the way. Once Keegs arrives at the huddle, he's pure emotion and starts to get the boys fired up. He starts to chant, “A star can win any game. A team can win every game.” Over and over Sheehan starts to repeat this mantra, getting louder with each statement until every player for the Dons is jumping up and down and screaming. Then Keegan yells, “Together on three... one, two, three, TOGETHER!”

It's a pretty amazing sight when you lay your eyes on this pregame ritual for the first time. I can't deny my eyes didn't well up a little bit. Keegan Sheehan is truly an inspiration, every game.

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