Giving back

January 31, 2013, 11:00 am
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There are things you do that mean something for people. Mean something that you might not ever see, mean something down the road. But is it enough?

What does it mean to produce a high school sports show? I think about that a lot. We have a simple goal at Cal-Hi Sports: Show teenagers achieving positive goals. That’s it. In the process we have shown thousands of teenagers do great things on TV. The cool part is other teenagers and their families get to see it.

We give interview teams and feed them at local restaurants. Another way to bring them some positive attention, and really isn’t that what every teenagers desires?

We have given away nearly $200,000 in scholarships to athletes overcome adversity in their lives to succeed in school and in sports. Money they can use to go on and succeed in college and become fine, productive adults. That means something right?

And then there are the small moments, an athlete’s dream of being on the show and then there you are your highlight running with me or Marissa saying your name. The smile that comes across your face knowing your buddies are all watching at the same time. Looking over at your parents and seeing the pride in their eyes as they watch their son or daughter becoming a TV star. The moment becomes a permanently recorded memory, later shown to Grandma, and even later at your birthday party. A single moment from a single play living in eternity.

All of this means something. But the question I ask is this, is it enough? Isn’t there more we can do, more we can achieve, more to make what we do mean even more?

My answer is, there probably is, but I’m just not smart enough to figure it out. That’s why I listen to other people who are smarter than me to try and figure out all of this. I hope you’ll think about it too and get back to me if you have an answer. In the meantime we’ll keep doing things that mean something to people, it’s kind of what life’s all about.

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