Good teammate Pryor pointing finger in wrong direction

Pryor: We'll be back; we're 2-4; we'll get to the playoffs

Good teammate Pryor pointing finger in wrong direction
October 13, 2013, 9:00 pm
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The Raiders offensive line allowed the Chiefs to sack Terrelle Pryor 10 times on Sunday, but Pryor refused to blame them. (AP)

In case, as you raged about the 49ers’ struggle to beat a typically dull Arizona team, you wondered why it seems the boys are bad inside the red zone, maybe this will help. They are.

In the Harbaugh Era, they are 60-for-129 inside the other kids’ 20-yard line, a conversion rate of 46 percent. You know who’s worse? Arizona, Cleveland, Jacksonville and Kansas City, who combined have 42 total wins to Harbaugh’s 31. In addition, the 49ers have attempted 114 field goals, 20 more than their closest competition.

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So yeah, they’re bad in the red zone. Happy?


On the other hand, anyone see them fail to convert a third-and-48 like the Raiders did? No. And Terrelle Pryor fell on his sword yet again, saying he didn’t play well enough and that he has to get better.

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Which, of course, he does. He needs to run the ball better behind himself, block better in front of himself, and catch the ball better when he throws it to himself. In other words, we’re not buying the false modesty, but we get why he can’t say anything other than that without looking bad.


In other news on a busy Sunday, the Denver Broncos showed why nobody gives four touchdowns to any other body in the National Football League . . . the New Orleans Saints showed why not having the ball at the end is too often a capital crime . . . the cottage industry of rubbing one’s hands in worry over Robert Griffin III is losing its luster . . . the Boston Red Sox showed the Oakland Athletics just how one gets into the Detroit Tigers’ bullpen . . . the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are one more loss closer to bringing in Sir Alex Ferguson to kick Greg Schiano right in the hinder . . . Jim Harbaugh and Alex Boone will have a comforting heart-to-heart about their sideline exchange Sunday . . . and even the Boston cop who stood in the bullpen watching Torii Hunter hurl himself after the David Ortiz grand slam in the eighth inning had a beard, the weasel.


By the way, anyone have a complaint about the way the league Championship Series are going? If you say you do, you’re lying. You don’t. We just settled it. You’re loving every minute of it, because you are.


And to the Houston fans who cheered when beleaguered quarterback Matt Schaub hurt his ankle, you may now shake hands with the Raider fans who cheered when Dan Pastorini broke his leg back in the day. We’d say stay classy, but (a) that’s a cliché, and (b) you’d have to get there before you can stay there.


And finally, a thought for Rick Porcello, the Detroit pitcher who has been walked off on (walked off on?) in both his postseason appearances. That thought is, “The next time they call for you, have someone tell Jim Leyland you locked yourself in the bathroom and can’t get out.”

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