Lacrosse more popular than ever

March 27, 2013, 3:30 pm
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Lacrosse has been a big time sport on the East Coast for years now. Back East is where all the prestigious college and high school programs are but the West Coast is setting up the building blocks to try and compete with the big boys.

The sport of lacrosse has been around the Bay Area for years. There's always been a couple good teams, but squads such as St. Ignatius are starting to turn heads nationally. The Wildcats of SI travel to De La Salle today, Wednesday, and it'll be a huge match up in the state of California. St. Ignatius and DLS are ranked numbers one and two in the state as of right now while SI is ranked as high as 20th nationally. Both schools have built up their programs for a while now and people are starting to take notice.

By no means am I saying the West Coast is going to topple the East Coast powers in the near future, but it might be coming quicker than you think. For one thing, while lacrosse has been wide spread in the East for decades, the sport is becoming more and more popular in the West and especially California. It's a great game with a nice flow to it and requires a ton of skill and hand eye coordination. Lacrosse actually looks like a pretty easy sport to a first time viewer, but once you get that stick in your hands and try to catch and pass the little ball with large people flying at you, it gets difficult pretty quickly.

In my opinion, another reason for the growth of lacrosse in the West is the fact that parents are starting to become weary of football and the collisions which come with it. Concussions are becoming huge news in football, with the repeated bashing of heads, parents are starting to look for alternative sports... enter lacrosse. Lacrosse provides an alternative contact sport which doesn't require repeated head on head contact, therefore, less concussions and impact related injuries. If I had a child I would most definitely be pushing them towards lacrosse rather than football for the lone reason of not wanting them to get hurt. But hey, that's just me.

So go and check out a local high school lacrosse game... who knows, you might end up taking a liking to the sport.

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