NorCal pro sports teams success stealing LA's spotlight

January 23, 2013, 1:15 pm
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Northern Californians generally don’t consider ourselves to be braggarts or conceited. Some label us snobby and to be honest we didn’t have anything sports-wise to brag about for awhile before the 2010 World Series.

With that said, I have to say every time I see the NBA Pacific Division standings or watch a national network that talks Lakers all the time, I can’t help but smile. We ARE beating LA, you know, that other part of the state that spent years beating us at pretty much everything. We showed up at our venues and yelled “Beat LA.” They showed up at their venues, usually late, and then left early, and didn’t seem to notice or care about us much.

How times have changed. Those fans still show up late and leave early, but they're now doing it from a lower point in the standings than us. It’s so bad for them against us right now that they don’t even have a rival to counter our current team that is headed to the Super Bowl.

Need some statistical help to see how long it’s been since this golden age of Northern California dominance?  Our stats man, David Feldman checked into it. The last day when the Warriors had a better record than the Lakers, coming off a season where both the Giants and A’s finished ahead of the Dodgers and Angels, was Jan. 4, 1993. The Warriors were 16-13
and the Lakers 15-13 and the 1992 A's finished higher in the standings than the 1992 Angels. The same case for the Giants over the Dodgers.

Southern California is home to the current Stanley Cup champions, but the Sharks currently have a 2-0 record and the Kings are 0-2. Also, the Kings-Sharks rivalry doesn’t have the same history as the ones listed above, but if LA fans want this one, I’m willing to concede it. Worth mentioning, the Sharks did have a better record than the Ducks last season.

One final concession: the Clippers are ahead of the Warriors in the standings, but not to forget, the Warriors just finished off the season series winning three out of four games.

Here’s another list from David Feldman that our city just joined, with LA nowhere to be found on it:

Cities to be in World Series and Super Bowl in same year

1970    Baltimore                      Orioles & Colts
1979    Pittsburgh                     Pirates & Steelers
1980    Philadelphia                  Phillies & Eagles
1986    New York                      Mets & NY Giants
1989    San Francisco                Giants & 49ers
2000    New York                      Yankees, Mets & NY Giants
2004    Boston                          Red Sox & Patriots
2007    Boston                          Red Sox & Patriots
2012    San Francisco                Giants & 49ers

Here’s to hoping this is a trend that lasts a long time, not that we want to brag about it.

Lee Siegel is the assistant news director for CSN Bay Area

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