Valley Christian's Hughes throws no-hitter

April 8, 2013, 3:30 pm
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Kevaney Martin
Cal-Hi Sports Bay Area
As a sports reporter, every time I arrive at an athletic competition, I always anticipate that I will see something special, something that I will remember for a while. Whether it be a spectacular dunk, a nasty kill, a jaw-dropping catch, or even an unbelievable goal. This is one of the reasons that I love my job so much. On any given day, I could witness something out of this world incredible.

Last Thursday, I was assigned to cover the Crown Classic Championship game between the Valley Christian Warriors and the Washington Huskies. The mere fact that it was a championship game was even more exciting because the stakes were much higher for both teams and I knew I would see some memorable baseball. But what ended up unfolding on the diamond, I don't think anyone anticipated.

Ben Hughes, a junior right handed pitcher for the Warriors, was named the starter and he wasted no time getting to work. As each half inning ended and the game began to progress it became apparent that Ben was working a no-hitter.

In the top of the sixth, with the Warriors leading 4-0, Ben stared down his last Husky batter. On the sixth pitch the batter made contact sending a chopper up the first base line. Senior Tyler Walters fielded the ball and ran towards first in an attempt to beat the runner out and seal the no-no. The entire stadium watched in anticipation as Walters foot struck the base seconds before his opponent.

That was it! Ben Hughes had pitched a no hitter. The team celebrated on the mound and during our postgame interview he received the ritual shaving cream pie to the face.
I have seen no-hitters thrown on the television many times and every single time I get goosebumps. This was the first time I had ever witnessed a no-no in person and it is something I will never forget. Congratulations to Ben Hughes and the rest of the Warriors for such an unbelievable accomplishment.

You can catch highlights of Ben's No Hitter on Cal Hi Sports Bay Area Tuesday at 3:00PM on Comcast Sportsnet California!

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