Brodie Brazil sent to the minors -- Sacramento edition

Brodie Brazil gets sent to the minors (Sacramento edition)

Brodie Brazil sent to the minors -- Sacramento edition
July 18, 2013, 9:00 pm
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A visist to Raley Field in Sacramento is worth it just for the culinary options.

Hopefully you enjoyed Part 1 of this series, where I am getting “sent to the minors”. Part 2 brings us to Sacramento, and a visit to Raley Field. Home of the River Cats, and home of the Bacon Donut Cheeseburger.

Let me first address this delicacy of our state’s capital. The Bacon Donut Cheeseburger IS REALLY GOOD. I know it may not sound delicious, but don’t knock it until you try it! There is something about the mix between two sugary donuts and the high amount of salt in a cheeseburger patty covered with bacon. Whatever chemical reaction takes place is most certainly worth the moments of pleasure. As for the health effects of this menu item, let’s just say you might be running a few hundred laps just to compensate for consuming it. For the record: I ate half of the burger (for the sake of calories), but could have easily wolfed down the whole thing.

A lot of people have asked: “Which stadium is better between Sacramento and Fresno?”, and unfortunately I can’t give a good answer. Both are equally spectacular. Fresno has a swimming pool in the outfield, but Sacramento has a pair of beer-gardens down the lines. And the comparisons could continue for hours. Each have special promotions on food and souvenirs, and both are incredibly affordable for a night of fun.

If you are from the Bay Area, and have never ventured out to the Central Valley to see the Grizzlies or Rivercats… there is no better time than now.

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