Coliseum dugout bathrooms claim another victim

Coliseum dugout bathrooms claim another victim
August 31, 2013, 10:30 am
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Fernando Rodney was trapped in the dugout bathroom for close to 15 minutes during Friday's game. (AP)

It was a tight game, tied at three in the eighth inning between the two American League wild card teams, when Coliseum decided to add a bit of levity to the A's and Rays Friday night game, which Oakland eventually won 4-3.

[RECAP: A's 4, Rays 3]

The telecast captured a scene in the visiting dugout in which individuals were attempting to open the door to the dugout bathroom. When it was finally freed, Rays closer Fernando Rodney emerged, much to the delight of his teammates.

According to the the Tampa Bay Times, Rodney was in there for 15 minutes and the door handle had to be broken off to get him out.

"The door locked, I don’t know how,” he said. “I’m yelling, “Hey unlock this, someone’s in the bathroom. … It was hot inside, I could only hear the crowd with the game, I can’t see what’s going on.

"It was weird."

A trip back to 2005 reveals a similar story, when A's starter Joe Blanton was temporarily imprisoned. From the San Francisco Chronicle on Sept. 5, 2009:

"After the Mariners' two-run rally, Blanton walked into the dugout, closed the bathroom door behind him and did things that weren't kind to the operating equipment facilities. Problem was, after he did his damage, the door was jammed shut and he couldn't get out. Bench coach Rene Lachemann tried unsuccessfully to force open the door, so manager Ken Macha, a student of tae kwon do, moved Lachemann aside and gave a swift kick, setting his pitcher free."

The Coliseum, the only stadium left in America that is home to both an MLB and NFL team, has seen a glut of negative press this year. In June, sewage problems forced the A's and Mariners to share a locker room, and forced MLB into a statement. Former teammate Mark Ellis, now with the Dodgers, took to the airwaves to blast the stadium. And current A's like Sean Doolittle were quick to follow. Even owner Lew Wolff said it was in "the worst shape in all of professional sports."

It's clear the A's need a new stadium, but the solution hasn't yet come into focus. Until then, players will have to use the dugout bathrooms at their own risk.

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