Extra Baggs: Belt ties HR mark, recalls swimming feats, etc.

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Extra Baggs: Belt ties HR mark, recalls swimming feats, etc.
July 1, 2013, 9:00 pm
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Brandon Belt's home run accounted for the Giants' lone run in an ugly loss in Cincinnati Monday. (CSN)

CINCINNATI – Brandon Belt’s home run counted. Let’s get that out of the way first.

Belt found the right field seats against Bronson Arroyo for the only run in the Giants’ 8-1, six-inning, small-mammal-precipitation-shortened loss to the Cincinnati Reds at Great American Natatorium and Salmon Fishery Monday night.

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The game was official and the stats count, which is important because Belt’s home run was his ninth of the season – already matching his career high. And the Giants have played 82 games with 80 to go.

“It tells me I’m getting better,” said Belt, who has been a different hitter since mid-May. “That’s the main thing. I was better last year than the year before and I’m better this year than last year. Obviously, there’s a lot more I want to do. So I’ll try to stay concentrated on that.”

He might have concentrated on pairing up with a female giraffe, too, as hard as the rain came down during the one-hour, 28-minute delay.

“That was the worst I’ve ever seen,” Belt said.

Belt did recall a time at Double-A Bowie, though, when he and some teammates clogged up the dugout drains and let a heavy storm do the rest.

“We got a good 4 feet of water in there and went swimming,” he said. “I got in trouble for that. They thought I’d get malaria or something. I was fine, though.”

This is the same guy who brags that he has flippers for feet and he’s never been beaten in the Nacogdoches city pool. Does his streak include dugout swim races?

“Actually, we had some races in there,” he said, “and I dominated everybody.”

Belt said he did a tarp slide back then as well, and scraped his knee.

“I got in trouble for that too, actually,” he said.


Belt is batting .366 over his last 13 games and he’s a .417 hitter on this road trip. No doubt, the Giants will need to explore the idea of playing him in left field more often. On nights when he doesn’t need a snorkel, maybe.


Brandon Crawford is riding an 0 for 15. Gregor Blanco is riding an 0 for 13. And Pablo Sandoval trumps them all with an 0 for 18.


Time to wrap this up. Next ferry for my hotel is leaving in 10 minutes, and I don’t want to miss it.

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