Giants rookie Noonan not sure what he'll do with souvenir ball

Giants rookie Noonan not sure what he'll do with souvenir ball
June 13, 2013, 8:30 pm
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Nick Noonan was forced to return to second base after celebrating his first career MLB home run. (CSN BAY AREA)

PITTSBURGH – Nick Noonan’s first major league home run lasted all of three minutes. That’s how long it took umpires to duck into the replay room, see that it clearly hit the top of the wall before bouncing back into play, and order Noonan back to second base with a double.

But Noonan’s teammates dutifully retrieved the baseball for him.

So the burning question: What’s he going to do with it?

“I’ll probably throw it in the stands,” said the Giants’ rookie. “That’s where it should have been.”

Noonan had a sense of humor about losing his first big league homer to the vagaries of modern technology. Teammate Marco Scutaro actually faked throwing the ball in the stands when the Pirates tossed it to the Giants dugout.

“I guess I should’ve done it,” Scutaro said.

Noonan scored the final run in the Giants’ 10-0 victory, so the postgame clubhouse was in a mood to laugh about the fleeting milestone.

“Well, it was like a home run,” Noonan said. “I got the full experience. I got to jog the bases, I got the high fives. … Then I had to go back to second base.”

Said Giants manager Bruce Bochy: “I figured they’d review it. He got to shake hands twice. He ended up scoring anyway. I do wonder if he’ll keep the ball, though.”

Said Noonan: “I’ll probably mark it, `Almost my first home run.’”

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