Grab Bag!

August 12, 2013, 8:00 pm
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Still missing your dream A’s swag? Well this Friday, August 16th, is your chance to come and choose exactly what you need. Everyone in the Value Deck will be able to choose one item from our grab bag consisting of: Authentic A’s Fan shirts, A’s sunglasses, Bernie Lean shirts, Capes, scarves, Rage t-shirts and Pom beanies.

Whether it’s a cold night and you’re in need of a A’s beanie, or you need to block the sun with some A’s sunglasses, make sure to sit in the Value Deck this Saturday and get equipped with A’s gear.

Remember to keep all your tickets and take part in our Loyalty Program by sending in those saved tickets at the end of the season!

Don’t forget we have a free photo booth next to our tent. We will post all photos on our Facebook page (