Biz Ball

Will the Raiders be left out of the NFL's LA plans? It's one of Sports Business Insider Rick Horrow's 15 Biz Ball trends to watch this week...
There is a mountain of competition left for both squads, but for 5-0 Cal and 4-1 Stanford, this year's Big Game could mean more than the rivalry.
Huge sums of money are illegally exchanged on sports bets. With the NBA leading the way toward potential massive tax revenues, legalized gambling could be on the horizon.
Is Roger Goodell losing influence? His role as league disciplinarian could be changing. Check out Sports Business Insider Rick Horrow's 15 trends to watch this week...
The LA market is starved for football. And figures surrounding its population suggest the NFL won't miss out on the opportunity to reach new (and old) fans.


Andy Dolich and Rick Horrow are's Sports Business Insiders.

Dolich has held executive positions in the NBA, MLB, NHL and is a guest columnist for Sports Business Journal.

Horrow is the CEO of Horrow Sports Ventures and is nicknamed the Sports Professor for his time as a visiting expert on sport law at Harvard Law School.