Biz Ball

The NFL announced a new global rights deal with Twitter last week. And Biz Ball Insider Andy Dolich can't help but see the implications...
The Warriors aren't just going after the record books when they attempt to win 73 regular season games, but much, much more...
Golf's prized venue, The Masters at Augusta National, is here with plenty of story lines to ponder. Business Insider Rick Horrow goes through them.
US Soccer is going to court over wage discrimination and the numbers suggest there is serious evening out to do between men and women.
It's impossible to deny the link between full-contact sports and brain trauma. Growing concern is forcing significant changes to sports as we know them...


Andy Dolich and Rick Horrow are's Sports Business Insiders.

Dolich has held executive positions in the NBA, MLB, NHL and is a guest columnist for Sports Business Journal.

Horrow is the CEO of Horrow Sports Ventures and is nicknamed the Sports Professor for his time as a visiting expert on sport law at Harvard Law School.