Lin, Warriors' rookies can't play in D-League

October 14, 2011, 1:35 pm
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Its a very good question and one I thank some readers forbringing up but the Warriors cannot have a bunch of their guys play in theD-League until the lockout is over.Bottom line is that any player who appeared in an NBA gamein 2010-11 is not eligible to play in the D-League this season. RidiculousUpsides Scott Schroeder reported this in a post earlier in the week.
Turns out, the league sent out a memo to NBA teamson the brink of the lockout which started July 1 informing them that anyplayer that appeared in an NBA game on their roster last season would beineligible for D-League play.That includes any player on a 10-day NBA contract,too.In the Warriors case, that means that guard Jeremy Lin andsecond-year power forward Ekpe Udoh cannot play for the Dakota Wizards, theWarriors D-League affiliate.Also, any player selected in the 2011 NBA draft in Junecant play in the D-League, either.As far as first-year players go, that means no KlayThompson, Jeremy Tyler and Charles Jenkins.

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