NBA owners, players meet for 16 hours

October 19, 2011, 6:37 am
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NBA owners and players met for a marathon collectivebargaining session on Tuesday, and the talks went so long they leaked intoWednesday morning. When the sides emerged after meeting for 16 hours therewas still no deal.And no comment, either.Federal mediator George Cohen, who made his first appearanceat the bargaining table on Tuesday, asked both the owners and players torefrain from talking to the media.The meeting began at 10 a.m., East Coast time, and didntfinish up until after 2 a.m., East coast time. The sides will reconvene onWednesday morning.The lingering lockout has caused commissioner David Stern tocancel the first two weeks of the regular season. Training camps, which were tostart on Oct. 1 and the exhibition season already have been canceled.Stern indicated last week that if an agreement werentreached by the end of Tuesday, the prospect of canceling games throughChristmas was a possibility.

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