Some telling statistics about the Warriors

January 7, 2012, 7:10 pm
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OAKLAND -- The Warriors have played seven games now, andwhile thats not a huge sample size, it is enough to start taking in statistics.Here are some Warriors players and what jumps out about some of the numbers.Andris Biedrins: He certainly has not hada bounce-back year, but by the same token hes been more productive than in thepast two seasons. Biedrins is averaging fewer than 14 minutes per game,somewhat puzzling considering he leads the team in rebounds (17.448 minutes)and blocks (5.248 minutes) per minute.
David Lee: One of the things that hits you regarding Lees numbers is his assist-to-turnover ratio. So far thisseason, Lee has just five assists and 19 turnovers (which leads the team).Those stats are a tad skewed because of Lees seven-turnover game against theLakers, but still. Last year Lee had 233 assists and 170 turnovers for theseason.Dorell Wright: Its no secret Wright isshooting the ball terribly this season: 32.7 percent from the field; 19.2percent from 3-point range. On the positive side, hes taking care of the ballin a huge way. Wright has only two turnovers and 16 assists in 213 minutes.Thats pretty impressive.Monta Ellis: Hes shooting only 42.7percent from the floor, but thats not bad considering how much hes been askedto carry the offensive load this season. Give Ellis credit for this: Hesaveraging 8.5 assists and only three turnovers per game.Stephen Curry: Currys numbers are downacross the board, and most notable is minutes played: Hes averaging just 31minutes per night. Hes also the Warriors leader in turnovers per minute,averaging 5.6 over 48 minutes.Total fouls: Blame the officials if youmust, but the Warriors are fouling way too much and its costing them at thefree throw line. So far this season the Warriors have committed 162 fouls andtheir opponents 128. The Warriors have shot 41 fewer free throws than theiropponents so far this season.Foul shooting: And when the Warriors doget to the line, theyre not converting. As a team theyre shooting only 65percent from there. Center Kwame Brown (11-for-29) has a lot to do with that,but David Lee is struggling some at 67.7 percent. And Lee and Brown areamong the top three on the team in free throw attempts.