Ratto's AP Top 25 Poll (1113)

November 14, 2011, 1:44 am
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Every week, Senior Insider Ray Ratto votes in the Associated Press College Football Poll. Here is this week's stab at perfection.

RANK TEAM LAST WEEK THIS WEEK COMMENT 1 LSU BEAT WESTERN KENTUCKY, 42-9 At Mississippi Getting Ole Miss at a good time -- game day 2 OKLAHOMA STATE WON AT TEXAS TECH, 66-6 At Iowa State The universe has ordered itself properly at last 3 ALABAMA WON AT MISSISSIPPI STATE, 24-7 GEORGIA SOUTHERN This is not so easy, as you will discover in 22 more places 4 OREGON WON AT STANFORD, 53-30 SOUTHERN CALIF0RNIA An educational experience for all, we think 5 ARKANSAS BEAT TENNESSEE, 49-7 MISSISSIPPI STATE LSU is next, and ahh, what a monkey wrench that could be 6 OKLAHOMA Enjoyed the carnage above them At Baylor Oklahoma State next week, and ahh, what a monkey wrench that could be 7 STANFORD Lost to Oregon, 53-30 CALIFORNIA The Not Really A Very Big Game At All 8 BOISE STATE Lost to Texas Christian, 36-35 At San Diego State Killed all their own debate points by having no kicker 9 HOUSTON WON AT TULANE, 73-17 SOUTHERN METHODIST Looks like Case Keener's last 10-score game 10 CLEMSON BEAT WAKE FOREST, 31-28 At North Carolina State Tough slog against a decent but not intimidating Wake team 11 VIRGINIA TECH WON AT GEORGIA TECH, 37-26 NORTH CAROLINA Don't they always do this -- lose early, win late? 12 NEBRASKA WON AT PENN STATE, 17-14 At Michigan Weird, they play Penn State, then THEY go to the Big House 13 SOUTH CAROLINA BEAT FLORIDA, 17-12 THE CITADEL Facing the Unknown Fifth Service Academy 14 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA BEAT WASHINGTON, 40-17 At Oregon This is the game Stanford-Oregon was supposed to be 15 MICHIGAN STATE WON AT IOWA, 37-21 INDIANA A gimme before Northwestern's pop quiz 16 KANSAS STATE BEAT TEXAS A&M, 53-30, 4 OT At Texas Should be able able to polish off The Network in regulation 17 WISCONSIN WON AT MINNESOTA, 42-13 At Illinois Get the Nittanies on a quieter week 18 TEXAS CHRISTIAN WON AT BOISE STATE, 36-35 COLORADO STATE Two points to Baylor, overtime to SMU, or they are this year's Boise 19 GEORGIA BEAT AUBURN, 45-7 KENTUCKY I think Mark Richt can come out of the bunker now 20 SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPI BEAT CENTRAL FLORIDA, 30-29 At Alabama Birmingham Here comes a bad bad beating 21 MICHIGAN WON AT ILLINOIS, 31-14 NEBRASKA An interesting game, but not one you're likely to watch 22 PENN STATE Lost to Nebraska, 17-14 At Ohio State This is the second game of the rest of their lives 23 BAYLOR WON AT KANSAS, 31-30, OT OKLAHOMA This may be a brief stay 24 WEST VIRGINIA WON AT CINCINNATI, 24-21 Enjoying the first snow as it buries the garage Will struggle against Bye, but will ultimately prevail 25 GEORGIA SOUTHERN WON AT WOFFORD, 31-10 At Alabama Sorry, I cannot type another mediocre FBS team. I simply cannot