Ray's Top 25: Luck of the Irish

November 25, 2012, 7:10 pm
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Every week, our Senior Decider votes in the Associated Press Top 25 poll, which of course makes all other opinions both superfluous and valueless (hey, dont say you never get your moneys worth here).

So here, after Week 11, is the world of college football, whether you like it or not. And if you dont, theres a new one next week you might like better.

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1 NOTRE DAME They cut it fine, even against a mopey team like USC, but 0 losses are 0 losses. 2 OHIO STATE Jim Tressel decided to take the last few years off so they've been invisible, but 0 losses, etc. 3 ALABAMA Beat Georgia, and they are a double-digit favorite in the title game. 4 GEORGIA Beat Alabama, and all hell breaks loose. 5 OREGON They spent awhile trying to decide what to do with Oregon State. 6 FLORIDA The BCS likes these guys more than Georgia, which beat them. Ahh, BCS. 7 STANFORD If they play their cards right, they can envy Notre Dame from Pasadena. 8 KANSAS STATE No, we still don't know how Baylor did it. 9 LOUISIANA STATE No speech from Les Miles equals no fun for America. 10 TEXAS A&M As it turns out, they may have beaten Alabama for nothing. 11 SOUTH CAROLINA I wish they played Clemson twice in two weeks like Stanford and UCLA. 12 OKLAHOMA No, still have no idea what they do or how they do it. 13 FLORIDA STATE Couldn't hang with Gators late, which is its own punishment. 14 KENT STATE The MAC title game ought to be quite the drunken piefight. 15 NORTHERN ILLINOIS What we said about the MAC title game? We mean it. 16 BOISE STATE Ultimately, they should be a BCS wildcard team for overcoming a tough early loss. 17 CLEMSON Somehow, this school must survive the conference bloodletting of the next few years. 18 NEBRASKA Beat Iowa in a game that made both states wish they were basketball powers. 19 OREGON STATE Waxed twice by the two Pac-12 teams better than them. 20 UTAH STATE Gary Anderson made himself a lot of money this year, which as we all know is the reason college football exists 21 NORTHWESTERN All the teams look alike at the end of the poll. That said, they lost 3 games and not 4, so they're in. 22 TEXAS Looked wildly uninspiring and uninspired against TCU. 23 UCLA Having lost to Stanford, they travel to Stanford. All at once, yippee! 24 SAN JOSE STATE They lost to Stanford and Utah State. Now that's worth a 24th. 25 RUTGERS Falling fast at the end.

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