Ray's Top 25: Stanford continues to climb

November 18, 2012, 10:10 pm
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Every week, our Senior Decider votes in the Associated Press Top 25 poll, which of course makes all other opinions both superfluous and valueless.

RATTO: Stanford win creates a beautiful mess

1 NOTRE DAME Ahh, for the days when Brian Kelly was considered insufficiently Irish. Up next, at USC 2 OHIO STATE The stealth champion, if Notre Dame goes down. Up next, Michigan. Winner gets tattoos 3 ALABAMA They were dead. Now they're not. Nothing means anything anymore. Up next, crummy old Auburn 4 OREGON Jackson Rice is their punter, and you know that now. Up next, at Oregon State 5 KANSAS STATE Half a hundred to Baylor? Half a hundred to Baylor. Up next, Texas in two weeks 6 STANFORD David Shaw is Jim Harbaugh with a slightly softer edge. Up next, at UCLA 7 GEORGIA Taught Georgia Southern a lesson for only 475K. Up next, Georgia Tech 8 FLORIDA STATE Maybe just spirited Maryland to the B1G. Up next, Florida 9 CLEMSON Either North Carolina State is better than we thought, or this was a bad win. Up next, South Carolina 10 OREGON STATE May have sent Jeff Tedford into retirement. Up next, Oregon 11 LOUISIANA STATE Scared to death by Ole Miss is no way to go through life, son. Up next, at Arkansas 12 FLORIDA They've pretty much hit the wall, it seems. Up next, at Florida State 13 TEXAS A&M Johhny Football's two losses were to . . . LSU and Florida at home. Up next, fellow freshman Missouri 14 LOUISVILLE Did nothing. Up next, Connecticut 15 SOUTH CAROLINA Wofford? Wofford. Yeah, Wofford. Up next, Clemson 16 NORTHERN ILLINOIS Toledo is good, but yesterday's news. Up next, at Eastern Michigan, then Kent State 17 KENT STATE Bowling Green is good too, but same thing. Up next, Ohio 18 OKLAHOMA Needing a late score to beat West Virginia is not going to make the cover of the media guide. Up next, Oklahoma State 19 UCLA Jim Mora just squeezed Lane Kiffin's head. David Shaw's won't be nearly so easy. Up next, Stanford 20 TEXAS Excellent bye. Up next, TCU 21 RUTGERS Draws the team that nearly killed Notre Dame. Well, one of the teams who nearly killed Notre Dame. Up next, at Pittsburgh 22 NEBRASKA Yes, the team that got crushed by UCLA a hundred years ago. Up next, at Iowa 23 UTAH STATE Just a hair better than Louisiana Tech, as it turns out. Which was good enough. Up next, Idaho 24 OKLAHOMA STATE Three quality losses. God, I hate that sentence. Up next, at Oklahoma 25 MICHIGAN This could be a brief stay because . . . Up next, at Ohio State

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