Brodie Brazil sent to the minors -- Fresno edition

Brodie Brazil gets sent to the minors (Fresno edition)

Brodie Brazil sent to the minors -- Fresno edition
July 17, 2013, 7:15 pm
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Brodie Brazil wasn't smiling five minutes after this. 

I hope you enjoy Part 1 of this series, where I get "sent to the minors". Truthfully, I've been wanting to produce this tandem of features for a few summers now visiting Fresno and Sacramento, and was thankful this year presented our golden opportunity.

The inspiration is that, between the Giants and A's, the Bay Area hosts a Major League game almost every day for six calendar months of the year. Because of this, and it's hard to believe... a certain portion of baseball fans in the immediate vicinity have never been exposed to the minor league experience. Hopefully these segments open up some of those eyes.

The other twist includes my love for flying. In the last 10 years I became a Commercial Pilot and Certified Flight Instructor, at one point teaching students how to fly full-time. If it weren't for getting involved with television so young, I might have pursued aviation as a career. Instead, it has always been my biggest "hobby" and I was so thrilled on a personal level that the hobby and career finally crossed paths for the first time.

Let me answer some quick questions about the video above:

1. I ended up eating almost 1 full "Bacon Pancake". Each individual serving must have weighed 6 lbs.
2. My mother was right, chugging syrup does not feel good about 5 minutes after.
3. The swimming pool at Chukchansi Park is indeed available for private parties.
4. The airplane goes about 180 MPH, and got us to Fresno in less than 60 minutes.

Much credit goes to (multiple-Emmy Award winning) photographer Steve Uhalde, who had never been in a "small plane" before. He rigged four Go Pro cameras inside the cabin for the flight portion, in addition to lugging around a 35-pound tv camera and gear through a recent "record hot" day in Fresno. We hope you enjoy this, and Part 2 from Sacramento, Thursday.