Earthquakes Musings: Back from the World Cup Break

June 29, 2010, 1:47 am
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Joe WashingtonComcast SportsNet California
Im watching the match in my office as I write this. We are approaching half time so I thought Id put down some thoughts from the match thus far.- I love the stadium in Utah. Its a beautiful backdrop and SO much better than that crappy Astroturf field they have at the University of Utah they used to play on. It makes me long for a title sponsor for the Earthquakes soccer specific stadium on the horizon.- The caliber of play is going to take some getting used to after watching so much of the World Cup. That being said, its great to see the boys on the field again. Im trying to figure out if I like the all white uniforms or not. I guess they arent too bad.- Not content with the way the last two games went before the break, there were some major changes in the lineup tonight. Newly acquired midfielder Sam Cronin got the start and Stephen Beitashour moved up to the right midfielder spot from the back line. Jason Hernandez moved to outside right defender and probably the biggest sign of Frank Yallops discontent may be the decision to start John Busch in goal over Joe Cannon. Like hockey, replacing your goalie is a wake up call for the entire team. So far, scoreless through 51 minutes, the results are encouraging. They have not surrendered many chances at all tonight.- Wow, got lucky there in the 54th minute! Fortunately Espindola couldnt direct the cross.- The Quakes cant get any attack going (77th minute). Kozimor and Shrader are attributing it to altitude.
- Ryan Johnson is struggling this year. I am glad to see Cornell Glenn in the game.
- 7 goals in the previous 3 games after the shutout streak, so far, 83 minutes no goals.- Seeing Campos on the field for RSL reminds me how thankful I am he is not on the Quakes. He could be brilliant at times, but I basically found him to be the most frustrating player in this new Quakes era (3 years worth), with the possible exception of Kai Kamara.- Glenn had the games best opportunity and crushed a shot. The lack of support from the two other people on the rush is confounding. I say this as I am sitting at my desk at sea level, and they have been playing 84 minutes at elevation.- Bobby Convey is clearly the most skilled player the Earthquakes have on the healthy roster.- Wow! Great shot Jaime Robles!!!! Now hes taking the corner. Come on big back line snap in a header! Almost! 90th minute.- If Robles wasnt already looking like he was going to go down before he gets tackled, he would have gotten the call. This ref wont tolerate anything close to a dive. I cant say I blame him. I also like the yellow cards for delay. The players cheat the game with the B.S.- Free kick touchy call at this point in the game but not uncommon in the Quakes history since their return. Fortunately Morales was not as accurate as he was on opening night.- Scoreless draw. A new shutout streak has begun. Not the worst thing in the world, especially against RSL, who were playing better than anyone before the break. Solid effort to come away with a point.- Go Quakes!Joe Washington is the Live Events Producer for Comcast SportsNet Bay Area and a wannabe "Earthquakes Ultra."