Davis: A's are not rivals in Raiders stadium search

Davis: A's are not rivals in Raiders stadium search
June 19, 2014, 3:00 pm
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If the A’s would just declare what they want to do, it would just be easier for all of us.
Mark Davis

Editor's note: Scott Bair is in Alameda Tuesday through Thursday for the Raiders' three-day minicamp. Stay logged on to CSNBayArea.com and tune in nightly to SportsNet Central and Yahoo SportsTalk Live for comprehensive coverage.

ALAMEDA – Raiders owner Mark Davis met with Colony Capital within the last two weeks about developing a long-sought, state-of-the art football stadium. These meetings about the possibility of a Coliseum City project that interest the Raiders are long, but Davis generally leaves with a sense that progress of some kind has been made.

Then, silence.

“All the talks we have with them are positive,” Davis said, “but there’s no progress after the talks.”

Davis spoke with reporters after Thursday’s minicamp practice, and yet another stadium check-in passed with nothing new to report.

There is an additional complication. The Athletics are negotiating a 10-year lease extension with the Coliseum Joint Powers Authority to stay at the Oakland Coliseum, which could be a thorn in the Raiders’ side.

The extension is expected to come with several out clauses for both sides that are still being worked out that could change the dynamic of future proceedings.

The A’s and Raiders are currently operating on a short-term lease. The Raiders’ lease expires again after this season.

Despite what seems to be conflicting interests, Davis does not consider the Athletics a rival.

“No, not at all,” Davis said. “I know that they’re trying to get something done. But they like to play on the dirt infield more than we do.”

No matter what the A’s do, something concrete would help the Raiders better survey the lay of the land.

“If the A’s would just declare what they want to do,” Davis said, “it would just be easier for all of us.”

Davis has been told to expect tangible progress at several times, including this summer. Once again, those deadlines come with no development.

The A’s have long had an eye on San Jose – a move that seems impossible now – and the Warriors are bolting for San Francisco in a few years. The Raiders are trying to stay put and hold out hope they can do so.

“Everybody is trying,” Davis said. “Whether it can get done, I don’t know.”