Marcus Allen: Raiders should move back to LA

Marcus Allen: Raiders should move back to LA
July 18, 2014, 10:45 am
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I’d rather see — I know people in Oakland won’t like this — the team back in Los Angeles.
Marcus Allen

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Marcus Allen had some colorful things to say about the Raiders recently. Those hoping the Silver and Black stay in Oakland won’t be happy about it.

The Hall of Fame running back wants the Raiders to move back to Los Angeles.

“I’d rather see — I know people in Oakland won’t like this — the team back in Los Angeles,” Hall of Famer Marcus Allen told NBCSN at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe, via Pro Football Talk. “I think it’s a viable option ... We can’t have them back at the [L.A.] Coliseum, the Coliseum now is USC’s home ... But there’s some locations there that I know I’ve talked to a few owners [about] and I know that they’ve liked. I can’t divulge my sources though.”

One thing to note: Allen is Southern California to the core. The San Diego native and USC grad played in silver and black from 1982-92, when the Raiders were based in Los Angeles. He was never an Oakland Raider, and has no allegiance to the East Bay. 

Allen believes the Raiders should head back, and should do so soon.

“I just think it’s ripe right now, being the second largest (media) market and being the entertainment capital of the world it’s almost necessary to have a team there,” Allen said. “And I think, with the corporate support and the brand that has already been there, that’s been established, that has a huge following, I think it’d be a no-brainer.”

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While building a new state-of-the-art football stadium in Oakland has proven difficult, owner Mark Davis remains committed to exhausting all options in an effort to stay in the East Bay.

A new facility in Los Angeles is far from a slam-dunk, with several hurdles to clear before attracting a team. The city does, however, have a heavyweight in its corner. The NFL continues to examine possibilities of a team (maybe two) moving back to a huge market that has been without a NFL team since the Raiders and St. Louis Rams left in 1994.

The Raiders have another option close by. Levi’s Stadium is now open for business for the 49ers in Santa Clara and could accommodate the Raiders as well. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said Thursday that was an option for the Raiders, at least in the short term.

Davis doesn’t like that idea. Allen doesn’t think his late father (and NFL icon) Al Davis would do that, either.

“That’s not the Raiders,” Allen said. “The Raiders don’t share things ... I don’t think Al [Davis] would like it, I can say that right now. He wouldn’t be happy at all because to him it’s the Raiders and 31 other teams.”