Sharks' playoff scenarios

Sharks' playoff scenarios
April 26, 2013, 9:00 am
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The Sharks are poised to make their seventh consecutive trip to the postseason. (USA TODAY IMAGES)

Editor's note: The Sharks face the Los Angeles Kings Saturday night in the final game of the regular season. The Western Conference standings are crowded, so check out all the playoff scenarios.

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If Blues win Saturday:
- Blues will be 4th seed
- Sharks/Kings winner will be 5th seed
Sharks/Kings game ends with Sharks win:
- Sharks would be 5th seed
- Kings will be 6th seed (hold ROW tiebreaker over Wild)
- 7th & 8th seeds DET/MIN/CBJ

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Sharks/Kings game ends with Kings win in regulation:
- Kings would be 5th seed
- Sharks would be 6th seed if Minnesota earns 3 points or fewer in their two remaining games
- Sharks would be 7th seed if Minnesota wins both remaining games
Sharks/Kings game ends with Kings win in OT/SO:
- Blues would be 4th seed
- Kings would be 5th seed
- Sharks would be 6th seed
If Blues earn 1 point Saturday:
- Finish 4th if Sharks win (Sharks finish 5th)
- Finish 5th if Kings win (Kings finish 4th)
- If Kings win, Sharks finish 6th or 7th, depending on how Wild do in 2 remaining games, and whether or not Sharks-Kings is 3-point game
If Blues lose in regulation Saturday:
- Sharks/Kings winner is 4th
- If 3-point game and Sharks win: Sharks 4th, Kings 5th, Blues 6th
- If 3-point game and Kings win or if Kings win in regulation: Kings 4th, Blues 5th, Sharks 6th
- If Sharks win in regulation: Sharks 4th, Blues 5th, Kings 6th