Sharks' Thornton has run-ins with Brown, Quick

Highlights: Kings score three in third to extend series

Sharks' Thornton has run-ins with Brown, Quick
April 29, 2014, 2:30 am
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That’s just Quickie sometimes, in a nutshell. ... Every once in awhile he loses it.
Dustin Brown on Jonathan Quick

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LOS ANGELES -- Sharks captain Joe Thornton was a hot topic in the Kings’ dressing room after Game 6.

Late in the third period of the 4-1 Sharks loss Thornton ran over Drew Doughty, prompting the referee to raise his arm on an interference call. As Thornton turned away from the play he was grabbed from behind by Kings goalie Jonathan Quick, resulting in a large scrum in the corner with every skater involved.

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“Drew was just trying to box me out and I was trying to go to the net, and just overpowered him, that’s all,” Thornton described later.

Quick has acted borderline foolishly several times during the first round series, including a pair of dives with Mike Brown around the crease, and a laughable moment in Game 3 when he grabbed Logan Couture’s leg and wouldn’t let go when the Sharks forward was in front of the net.

Riling up the goaltender isn’t an uncommon occurrence, according to his teammates.

Jarret Stoll said: “He’s a fiery guy, he cares and he has a lot of pride. He doesn’t want guys touching him in the crease throughout the course of the game. We’ve seen that from Quicky, no big deal.”

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“That’s just Quickie sometimes, in a nutshell,” Dustin Brown said. “Pretty common in his demeanor and every once in awhile, he loses it.”

Perhaps Quick’s reaction to Thornton had something to do with an earlier occurrence that included the two team captains. At 11:14 of the first period, Thornton was called for kneeing Brown, on a play that closely resembled Brown injuring Sharks rookie Tomas Hertl in December.

Brown commented on the penalty after the game.

“That stuff happens. That is why I think a lot of people watching the game think he is a dirty player, I made a move and he acted on it,” Brown said. “That play happens all the time.”