Andrew Susac


NEW YORK -- Trainers like their rehabbing pitchers to ease into bullpen sessions, so the timing wasn't particularly great when George Kontos went out to the bullpen at Citi Field on Friday afterno


SAN FRANCISCO -- In his time as a bench bat for Bruce Bochy, Joaquin Arias would often end up facing Clayton Kershaw since that was usually a day off for Brandon Crawford.


DENVER — Trevor Brown hit seven homers in the minor leagues and never had more than three in a season.


SCOTTSDALE — On the day he was officially optioned back to the minor leagues, Mac Williamson found some comfort by remembering the numbers on the back of his baseball card.


SCOTTSDALE -- The Giants have hoped all along that Matt Cain would be ready to take the ball on April 8 against the Dodgers. On Monday, Cain made it an easy decision.