chris borland


Chris Borland's choice to walk away from the royalties of the NFL and abandon a very promising career made national headlines, and the reason behind it is still a major topic in sports today. 


Hall of Fame receiver Cris Carter has issued an apology for telling NFL rookies at a league symposium in 2014 that they should "get a fall guy" to help them avoid trouble.


Chris Borland took a stand against the nature and methods of the NFL when he decided to walk away from the game following a phenomenal rookie debut in 2014.


SANTA CLARA -– Chris Borland’s decision to retire this offseason, citing concern of the long-term effects of head trauma, did not cause 49ers safety and former teammate Eric Reid to give his choic


When linebacker Chris Borland signed a four-year contract on May 27, 2014, he received a fully guaranteed total of $617,436 as his signing bonus from the 49ers.