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Jackie Robinson Day was its usual bittersweet triumph across baseball – triumph because he was, well, Jackie Robinson, and if you don’t know your history, you shouldn’t be allowed to have on


The Vancouver Canucks, who missed the Stanley Cup playoffs by a million skillion points this year, still did the best work of any team in the NHL. With no games scheduled, they:


Bud Selig remains steadfast, with a number of old-time sportswriters, in his assertion that Henry Aaron is the “true home run champion.” In other words, that 762 is actually less than 755.


Today’s starter is a hardy old perennial – someone schmoozing the hologrammatic John Fisher about selling them the A’s.


You can dance and sing and cavort all you want about the Giants’ Opening Day Tuesday, but the fact remains that there is something forlorn about the 30th Opening Day of the year – a sort of last-t