Curry optimistic he'll be ready to go Monday vs. Lakers

Curry rolls ankle in fourth quarter

Curry optimistic he'll be ready to go Monday vs. Lakers
March 24, 2013, 10:00 am
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Oh for sure. It's not terrible, so I'm pretty optimistic.
—Stephen Curry on playing Monday vs. the Lakers

The Steph Curry that stood barefoot in the Warriors' locker room and talked about Monday night's game barely resembled the despondent Curry who hobbled to the locker room midway through the fourth quarter of Saturday night's win over the Washington Wizards.

Curry's frustration over hurting his much-troubled right ankle when he fell as Wizards -- and former Warriors -- forward Cartier Martin grabbed him to stop a fastbreak layup apparently had more to do with coach Mark Jackson telling Curry he was done for the night than concern he was going to miss this week's stretch of home games, beginning with Monday night's all-important meeting with the Lakers. The Warriors, at the moment, hold a 3 1/2 game lead over the Lakers and a one-game lead over the Houston Rockets for the sixth seed in the Western Conference playoff picture, with 11 games left.

Curry, who had offseason surgery on his right ankle, managed to stand at the free-throw line and make the two free throws awarded because of Martin's foul, giving him 35 points for the game. The Warriors' Harrison Barnes then intentionally fouled Martin before the Wizards could inbound the ball and Jackson called a timeout.

Curry sat on the bench at first, then walked to the far side of the huddle, out of Jackson's view. When play resumed, he sat down on the bench and looped a long elastic band around the right toe of his shoe to provide resistance as he flexed his ankle. Jackson noticed and told him to head to the locker room. Curry flung the band down and headed off in a huff.

"Coach made the decision pretty quick when he saw me stretching," Curry said. "I wanted to stay out there in case I was needed and could go back in. It was still a close game."

As Curry spoke, he stood in his bare feet and the right ankle did not appear noticeably swollen, adding credence to Curry's belief that he'll be able to play against the Lakers Monday night. "Oh for sure," he said. "It's not terrible, so I'm pretty optimistic."

Martin, who played 10 games with the Warriors three seasons ago, was apologetic. "He's a good friend," Martin said. "I definitely didn't try to hurt him. I was just trying to wrap him up so they wouldn't get an easy layup."

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