Jackson opens up on assistants Scalabrine, Erman

Jackson opens up on assistants Scalabrine, Erman
May 8, 2014, 11:00 am
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Some people are anxious and excited to try to climb all the way to your seat. That’s unfortunate.
Mark Jackson

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Former Warriors coach Mark Jackson broke the silence on Wednesday, going into a little more detail on the actual cause of the rift between him and his former assistant coaches.

With just weeks left in the Golden State's regular season, assistant coach Brian Scalabrine was demoted to the Warriors D-League team and weeks later Jackson's other assistant Darren Erman was fired for reasons that are still unclear.

But Jackson recently opened up on the NBA's Sirius XM radio station, hinting at the possible cause of the firings:

“The one that was demoted [Scalabrine], I would have had handled it six weeks, a month, two months earlier,' Jackson said. "The things that took place from his side, I would have nipped it in the bud initially. That’s my fault for allowing it to go on. I’m pretty much a guy, just like ministry, I try to show you a different way of handling it. Hope that seeing me handle your disrespect, you’ll come around and realize this isn’t the way to handle it. Fortunately for me, it works for a lot of folks, there are some folks that just won’t get it and you have to handle them differently. I would do that differently."

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“As far as assistants, you have to pick people who are loyal and dedicated. It’s inexcusable what the second assistant [Erman] did. That cannot be tolerated. For folks to say, two situations, it’s obviously documented that they both were 100 percent wrong. The only fault I got is hiring those guys. I would use wisdom in who is around me.”

“Some people are pretty determined to be successful in life. Some people, it’s not enough to go from being a bottom assistant to moving up another step and another step. Some people are anxious and excited to try to climb all the way to your seat. That’s unfortunate. Because whatever job I’ve been called to do, I want to do that job with everything in me, and have no eyes on anybody else’s job. That’s just not how I do business.”