Jackson's advice: 'Keep a fresh cut'

April 28, 2013, 7:00 pm
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The 131 playoffs games Warriors coach Mark Jackson played in during his 17-year NBA career is a tremendous source of pride.

However, when he looks back at old film, he can't help but feel a little embarrassed. Not because of his play, but because of his hair.

Before the playoffs began, Jackson made sure his players didn't make the same mistake by delivering a simple message: 'Keep a fresh cut.'

Come again?

"Meaning make sure your haircut looks good because when we continue to do what we’ve talked about doing, the media room will be filled, articles will be written and people will talk about you," Jackson said.

"You don’t want to look back like I look back at some of those old playoff moments and wonder: 'Why I didn’t visit the barbershop that day?'”

Starting lineup gamesmanship?

Carl Landry will be announced as the starting power forward, but Jackson said he didn't know who he would start.

In Game 3, Landry was also announced as the starter, but Jarrett Jack, like Game 2, replaced David Lee in the starting five.

"It has worked," Jackson said of the ploy. "So there is my reason."

Nuggets coach George Karl didn't agree with the late swap, but didn't seem fazed by it either.

"It's not what you're supposed to do," Karl said, "but I don't' think it has a high priority of what happens during the game."

Crowd noise a detriment to Warriors?

The Warriors were forced to change the way they defended the pick-and-roll in Game 3 due to the crowd noise at Oracle Arena, but despite the challenges it may play for the home team Jackson doesn't want to see anything different from the crowd on Sunday.

"By no means do I want them to be quiet," he said. "Continue to be who you are, Warriors Nation."

Jackson said there were no problems on offense as a result of the noise.

Jackson's wife to sing Anthem

Jackson's wife, Desiree Coleman Jackson, will sing the National Anthem before Game 4.

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