Popovich tests NBA brass again, gets no fine and a win

Highlights: Warriors defeated by Spurs' 'B Team'

Popovich tests NBA brass again, gets no fine and a win
December 19, 2013, 10:15 pm
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Gregg Popovich and the Spurs outlasted Stephen Curry and the Warriors Thursday night, despite San Antonio playing without Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili. (USA TODAY IMAGES)

Evidently the NBA doesn’t care nearly as much about the Warriors as it does about the Miami Heat, which makes a certain amount of sense given their relative accomplishments. But when Gregg Popovich decided to celebrate San Antonio’s visit to Oakland by resting Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili Thursday in conjunction with Tony Parker’s injury, the NBA didn’t even bother to trot out Adam Silver to shake an impotent fist at Popovich.

I mean, make a fake effort. It makes David Stern’s petulant $250,000 fine of the coach a year ago look, well, petulant.

Oh, and the Spurs defeated the Warriors 104, 102 behind a career-high 28 points from former Warrior Marco Belinelli.


West Ham United’s Andy Carroll is the reason for the season, and we have the proof:


Send your complaints to David Sullivan, West Ham United Soccer Club, Boleyn Ground
Address: Green Street, Upton Park, London E13 9AZ


And while you’re complaining about that, complain about Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan, who E-mailed his manager, Malky Mackay, ordering him to resign or be sacked. E-mailed him. E. Mailed. Him.

Of course, Mackay said he won’t resign, meaning that Tan will have to fire him and pay up his contract, which means his demand looks particularly idiotic.

I mean, even Danny Snyder knows that.


Dear Warrior fans, remember when this was the sort of stuff you wanted to do? 


By the way, read this from Brian Phillips (@runofplay) Don’t argue with me. Read it.


And finally, this Candlestick Memory. It was cold and windy a lot.

Now shut up about the place. You all hated it forever, and used it for every crummy excuse you could devise for not going to more games or explaining your teams’ failures, and now you’re acting like it’s Grandma’s hope chest. Just try to muster up some intellectual integrity and say “It was an upholstered cesspool, but we’re pretending it was ours for a few more days before start spitting on the carpet to get the taste of what we said out of our mouths.”

And have yourselves a merry little thing.

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