Steinmetz: Ex-W's coach not right for T'Wolves


Steinmetz: Ex-W's coach not right for T'Wolves

Sept. 12, 2011


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Matt Steinmetz

Rick Adelman is a darn good coach, and he's never really gotten as much credit as he deserves. He may not go down as one of the elite coaches in NBA history -- although he does have a 945-616 career record. But he's solid and someone who understands it's a players' league -- and coaches accordingly.He's succeeded in every one of his professional stops, except, of course, Golden State. He got two NBA Finals with the Portland Trail Blazers, had the Sacramento Kings knocking on the door for a few years and did fine most recently with the Houston Rockets.He's not right, though, for Minnesota, which is where he's reportedly heading.Adelman has never been the center of attention on any of the teams he's coached, and he's just as much a moderator and manager as a coach. Adelman is at his best coaching a veteran team or at least a team with experienced players who are self-motivated.He's got very little ego, which older players tend to respect, and it goes a long way toward them playing hard for him.
Don't see him as a good fit in Minnesota. The Timberwolves are too young to appreciate or benefit from someone like Adelman, who is more suited for a ready-made team that understands basketball schemes and knows what it takes to win in the NBA.Adelman's not really the kind of coach who will get a young team to overachieve -- and the reason I say that is because he's not huge on motivation and he's more of a system guy than a matchup or gimmicky guy.Don Nelson would probably be a better coach right now for the Timberwolves than Adelman -- if for no other reason than he could probably milk more wins out of Minnesota than most coaches.Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't hire Adelman or Nelson if I were in David Kahn's shoes, but of the two I'd prefer Nelson for this particular task. Now, it could be front office and organizational chaos after Year 1 -- and maybe sooner -- but Nelson could do some interesting things with that team.Adelman certainly is a safer choice than Nelson, and will no doubt foster a more calm and forthright environment around the team than Nelson would. Still, the Timberwolves are a ways away, and I'd lean toward a younger coach, someone who can grow a little with the team.It's not like Adelman or Nelson makes the Timberwolves a playoff contender. And neither of them is going to be around long enough to see something through.

Reports: Warriors can reacquire Andrew Bogut, but reunion not likely

Reports: Warriors can reacquire Andrew Bogut, but reunion not likely

The Warriors can reportedly bring back Andrew Bogut this season after all.

The league reviewed the rules and Golden State is eligible to sign Bogut, according to multiple reports.

On Thursday, Bogut was traded to Philadelphia and once reports surfaced that the 76ers would potentially buy Bogut out, speculation began as to where the big man would ultimately sign.

The initial belief was that even if the Warriors and Bogut wanted to reunite, the CBA would not allow it.

However, The Vertical's Bobby Marks pointed out:

Marks is correct.

And according to ESPN's Marc Stein:

As of Friday morning, Bogut is still a member of the 76ers. 

Paul Pierce responds to Draymond by trolling Warriors on social media

Paul Pierce responds to Draymond by trolling Warriors on social media

On Thursday at Oracle, the Warriors beat the Clippers for the 10th straight time.

In the middle of the night, Paul Pierce took to social media to do some trolling:

Why did Pierce take a shot at the Warriors?

In the first minute of the game on Thursday, Draymond fouled Blake Griffin on a jump shot.

After Griffin made the first free throw, Draymond sent the following message to Pierce (he was standing in front of the Clippers bench).

"Chasing that farewell tour -- they don't love you like that," Draymond started. "You can't get no farewell tour, they don't love you like that ... you thought you was Kobe?"

Pierce, who turned 39 years old in October, is playing in his 18th NBA season and is expected to retire at season's end.

He has appeared in just 13 games this year.

Pierce is a 10-time All-Star and was named NBA Finals MVP in 2008.